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Having a To Do list that exceeds the number of hours in a week is not an uncommon experience for most nonprofit professionals – but there are a growing number of resources that can help you move through the essential tasks of non profit management more efficiently.

There are a number of resources that can help.


The Chronicle of Philanthropy or The Nonprofit Times. These newspaper like publications include current articles, job listings, and service advertisements. Skimming either or both for headlines that interest you will help keep you informed and up-to-date.

Nonprofit Quarterly. This quarterly magazine goes in depth on some of the most important topics in nonprofit management, making every issue a keeper.

Training and Peer Learning Circles

State Associations of Nonprofits
Almost every state has a professional membership organization made up of nonprofit professionals. Such groups offer training, referrals, information, and camaraderie. Whether your nonprofit is large and established or small and just getting started, or somewhere in between, joining your state association is one of the quickest ways to keep up-to-date on issues, trends and resources available. You can find more information at the National Council of Nonprofit Associations website,

Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional Training
Sponsored by member firms of the Not-for-Profit Services Association (NSA), the CNAP program is a comprehensive qualification, training, and examination designed to recognize excellence in the not-for-profit industry. The program is beneficial for bookkeepers, staff accountants, and any professional charged with the financial management of a not-for-profit organization. Not available in all areas, CNAP is currently offered through Parent, McLaughlin & Nagle (, in the Boston area with Jennifer Lammers as a trainer; Fiscal Management Associates ( in New York and Rogers & Company ( in Minneapolis.

Having an informed, knowledgeable fiscal manager is essential to the success of any organization and CNAP is the best training out there at the moment.

The Support Center for Nonprofit Management
The Support Center provides training, usually free or at very reasonable prices, on a variety of topics. If you are in the Metro New York area, joining their mailing list might prove useful. You can visit them online at

Third Sector New England
Third Sector New England provides information and services to build the knowledge, power and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations that engage people in community and public life. If you are located in New England, this is an invaluable organization. Check out their website,, and look into their semi-annual Nonprofit Workout conferences.

Independent Sector
Independent Sector is a “leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs”. The organization produces some of the most interesting and on-point commentary on the sector. Located in Washington, DC, it is very connected and has taken the lead in communicating with congress on the workings of the sector. It hosts an annual conference that is a great networking and learning opportunity. You can visit them online at

The Philanthropy Hub

Management and Staff Trainings: Jennifer Lammers, the founder of the Philanthropy Hub, has earned a reputation for providing practical, accessible, and enjoyable trainings on a range of nonprofit management topics. All Philanthropy Hub trainings are custom designed and delivered by Jennifer.

Fiscal Management Trainings: “The numbers” are no longer simply the responsibility of the CFO or Comptroller. Increasingly, program managers, development officers and board members are being asked to understand their organization‚Äôs financial health and follow best financial practices. The Philanthropy Hub can help you bring your staff up to speed with a variety of customized financial trainings, including:

  • Introduction to Financial Management for Nonprofits
  • Telling Your Story in Numbers: A Guide to Nonprofit Financial Statements
  • Budgeting 101: Thinking Economically

Board Trainings: We offer a variety of trainings geared specifically to Board Members and cover a wide range of topics, such as financial management basics, accountability and transparency, conflicts of interest, board structures, and board-staff roles and responsibilities.

One popular option is our “Board Skills Snap Shot” series in which a cross section of topics are covered, each in a concise 30 minute lecture/Q&A format, designed to supplement the agenda of your already scheduled board meetings. Minimum of 4 sessions required.

Board Retreats: We can work with the staff and/or executive committee of the Board to develop a one-day workshop that combines skills education, team building and strategic planning. These sessions are designed to motivate and energize the Board!

For more information on these services, please contact us at

Consulting Services

The Philanthropy Hub provides a series of unique services designed to educate and empower nonprofit managers, including accountability assessments, executive coaching and resource identification.

Accountability Assessments: Accountability is becoming increasingly important to winning donor support and avoiding negative media scrutiny- but how does an organization communicate its accountability to the public? An Accountability Assessment provides a detailed report on the content and format of an organization’s financial statements, public documents and internet presence, with the goal of identifying omissions and red flags. Specific recommendations for improving transparency, financial communication, and accountability are provided. The Philanthropy Hub will work with nonprofit managers, coaching them in expressing their new found financial understanding to board members, funders, external auditors, and/or the media.

Executive Coaching: If your organization is new or transitioning – or if you are new to the nonprofit sector or to management, some unstructured time with the Philanthropy Hub’s experts may be just what you need. Calling on a wealth of experience assisting organizations of all sizes and organizational maturity, we can field questions, give advice and direction, and help you chart a path for the future. Once familiar with the challenges your organization is facing, we can help you develop strategies for addressing them.

Resource Identification: Have you often thought “I am sure somebody does this . . .” when faced with a particular need? Well, you are probably right ‚Äì but finding the right service provider can be difficult. The Philanthropy Hub can help you find and evaluate your options, whether you are looking for a lawyer (or free legal help), a grant writer or professional fundraiser, an accountant or audit firm, or any of a number of other service providers.

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“Ms. Lammers is very knowledgeable about finances and budgeting for nonprofit. This was a very thought provoking seminar. Ms. Lammers did a wonderful job in explaining everything to us. Thanks.”

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