Dear Philanthropic Partner:

I hope that you find this site and the services of The Philanthropy Hub useful to you in your philanthropic efforts. Whether you are a funder, a nonprofit manager, a board member, or a service provider whose clients are charities and foundations, The Philanthropy Hub can help you do more.

I began my career in the nonprofit sector at the Better Business Bureau, researching charities, reporting on charity fraud, and educating donors. I had the opportunity to work with charities of all sizes and areas of focus and I spent hours speaking with Executive Directors, Board Members, and donors about their concerns and frustrations; their hopes and goals. I was touched and impressed by the Herculean efforts of most charities, which to do so much for our communities, often with very few resources.

I found that many organizations face the same obstacles and “problem areas”. Here are a few of the “Truths” I quickly learned:

  • There is always more administrative work than there is time or funding to do well.
  • Marketing, separate and distinct from Fundraising, is viewed as a luxury that few organizations think they can afford.
  • There is woefully little financial and accounting expertise at individual nonprofits and in the sector as a whole.
  • Nonprofit managers, whether by habit, culture, or out of financial necessity, “learn by doing” – often an inefficient process that leaves many to recreate the wheels that others have perfected.
  • Often, those new to the sector, the media, individual donors, service providers, and even some foundations, don’t fully understand the management realities and limitations most nonprofits face, leading to unrealistic expectations, and inefficiencies.

In 2002, I became a consultant and trainer, to help nonprofits address these and other concerns. In 2005, I founded The Philanthropy Hub in order to share what I have learned and offer others insight into the growing number of materials and tools designed to help the sector.

You don’t have to go it alone. I look forward to working with you.


Jennifer Ahern Lammers

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“Jennifer’s thorough, in-depth and sophisticated understanding of the sector combined with her passion for the possibilities, tempered with a real sense of the practical limitations most of us face, gives her a unique ability to teach and guide charities.”

Ronna Brown, President, Better Business Bureau Serving Metro New York
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